GEM 800: Grace in Marketplace Leadership

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This module provides the participants with a clear understanding of the grace available to them as marketplace leaders. The dynamics in the marketplace changed because grace turned every business obligation into an opportunity. The module gives the opportunity to think outside the box in terms of how they view themselves, the business, and leadership development in the context of grace. Specifically, to reveal practical assets that leaders already have in their business toolkit for immediate use. It is designed to make the business grow together with the leader in a harmonious way.

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NOTE: 1. Standard level is compulsory as it is foundational to elective courses 2. Mentoring program can start alongside standard level courses 3. Please use UK (GMT) as a reference. Exact times will be communicated on acceptance of registration 4. A module will be available when a minimum of 10 participants have registered. You will be kept informed. 5. We recommend that you only attend 2 classes a week so that you can have time to reflect on the topics learnt.

This module provides the participants with a clear understanding of the grace available to them as marketplace leaders. The dynamics in the marketplace changed because grace turned every business obligation into an opportunity. The module gives the opportunity to think outside the box in terms of how they view themselves, the business, and leadership development in the context of grace. Specifically, to reveal practical assets that leaders already have in their business toolkit for immediate use. It is designed to make the business grow together with the leader in a harmonious way.

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