GEM 500 Wealth Creation and wealth transfer


Wealth transfer is not the same as wealth creation, although both will increase wealth in a person’s life. Failure to understand the difference between the two and especially the respective spiritual principles involved will delay the manifestation of wealth in the believers’ lives. For example, holding onto the principle that apply to “wealth creation” in the name of “wealth transfer” will not trigger wealth transfer and visa-versa. This module helps participants to place the Word of God in perspective, when it comes to wealth building.

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NOTE: 1. Standard level is compulsory as it is foundational to elective courses 2. Mentoring program can start alongside standard level courses 3. Please use UK (GMT) as a reference. Exact times will be communicated on acceptance of registration 4. A module will be available when a minimum of 10 participants have registered. You will be kept informed. 5. We recommend that you only attend 2 classes a week so that you can have time to reflect on the topics learnt.

Module objectives:

1) Understand the difference between wealth creation and wealth transfer

2) Help position believers to receive the wealth transfer that is happening now

3) Realise the advantages of grace over the world system and tap into it

4) Challenge participants to see wealth as a normal course

Module courses: (1.5hrs per course)

GEM 501 – Wealth creation – the Principle

GEM 502 – Wealth creation – Essential disciplines

GEM 503 – Wealth Transfer – the Principle

GEM 504 – Wealth Transfer – Essential disciplines

GEM 505 – You need both in business

GEM 506 – Partnership in business


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