GEM 400 Covenant – Business lifeline

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The shaking from COVID-19 is a living reality across the globe and the ramifications are slowly but surely unfolding. This module shows that covenant is the basis on which God intervenes in the affairs of man. All covenants pointed to the covenant of grace through faith we have in Christ. The lessons reveal that covenant is God’s irrevocable business contract in favor of the born-again believer. It is the “springboard” from which God will influence your life and your business. Through the covenant of the day, God obligated Himself to step in on your behalf and support you even in business.

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Course Time Table

NOTE: 1. Standard level is compulsory as it is foundational to elective courses 2. Mentoring program can start alongside standard level courses 3. Please use UK (GMT) as a reference. Exact times will be communicated on acceptance of registration 4. A module will be available when a minimum of 10 participants have registered. You will be kept informed. 5. We recommend that you only attend 2 classes a week so that you can have time to reflect on the topics learnt.

Module objectives:

1) Understand covenants and how they work

2) Highlight the business benefits of the covenant

3) See the dangers of mixing covenants

4) Challenge participants to reflect on their business philosophies

Module courses: (1.5hrs per course)

GEM 401 – Business philosophy – understanding Covenants

GEM 402 – Abrahamic covenant – an overarching MOU

GEM 403 – It is a paradigm shift – Isaac & Ishmael

GEM 404 – Christian business models

GEM 405 – Covenant is stronger than a recession

GEM 406 – Insurance cover – David & Goliath

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23 reviews for GEM 400 Covenant – Business lifeline

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