GEM 300 Holy Spirit – Business Asset No. 2


This module highlights the importance of the Holy Spirit ministry in business. Holy Spirit ministry in the marketplace is largely unknown and yet Jesus Christ needed it and he even commanded his disciples to wait for it. Specifically, Holy Spirit baptism activates the power, wisdom, confidence, you need in business. It is your refreshment and the insight you need in marketing – it is a “one-stop-shop” for your business success. If Jesus needed it and he commanded his disciples to have it, then we surely need it, if we are to build Kingdom businesses.

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NOTE: 1. Standard level is compulsory as it is foundational to elective courses 2. Mentoring program can start alongside standard level courses 3. Please use UK (GMT) as a reference. Exact times will be communicated on acceptance of registration 4. A module will be available when a minimum of 10 participants have registered. You will be kept informed. 5. We recommend that you only attend 2 classes a week so that you can have time to reflect on the topics learnt.

Module objectives:

1) Demystify Holy Spirit baptism and make it user-friendly for the marketplace

2) Bring out the personal and business benefits – walking when others are running

3) See how grace provision takes your business to the level of the supernatural

4) Give participants the opportunity to flow with the Spirit

Module courses: (1.5hrs per course)

GEM 301 – Long-standing Promise

GEM 302 – Keep the fire burning

GEM 303 – Marketing advantage

GEM 304 – No more burn-out and no stress

GEM 305 – Opening New Markets

GEM 306 – Getting advanced Knowledge

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